After the initial success of “Cartoon Survivor,” developer Spunge Games have announced a new 2D shooter called “Spunge Invaders,” which will be released later this week on the iTunes App Store. The game has a humorous premise and the title is obviously inspired from “Space Invaders,” with the inclusion of cats and other cute creatures.

The official press release from Spunge Games has stated that evil Spunges are coming to Earth and they’re planning to suck all of the planet’s water dry. Naturally it’s up to the forces of Earth to stop them, with guns, tanks and various cute animals.

In the game, players have to protect the water from the aforementioned Spunges of evil. If any of the enemies land on the water it gets sucked up, though it won’t be game over right away. When too many Spunges suck up the water it will eventually be game over for the player.

“Spunge Invaders” has 14 different characters to unlock, each with their own special abilities to take out swarms of the invading Spunges. The characters can range from cats to unicorns and even knights from Camelot, which is humorous to say the least.

There are also a wide variety of enemies to face in “Spunge Invaders,” though all of them are of the Spunge variety. Some are simple, as they just fall in the water and the player simply has to shoot them, while others are much more difficult, wearing armor and taking a lot of hits.

An article from Game Mob has enjoyed the mobile shooter so far, which is great for fans of arcade-style mobile games. Considering the positive response that “Cartoon Survivor” has received, it’s no surprise that “Spunge Invaders” continues the trend of the company’s simple, but fun mobile games.

“Spunge Invaders” is set for release on Dec. 10 on the iTunes App Store. No word yet on the mobile title coming to Android devices, but it’s a possibility since “Cartoon Survivor” was eventually ported for said devices. Players in the mood for shooting some nasty Spunges should probably keep an eye on the title.

Spunge Invaders Trailer - COMING DECEMBER 10th (Credit: YouTube/Spunge Games)