Fading wireless chip seller ST-Ericsson has revealed that HTC and China Mobile have announced the first smartphone on the planet to be based on NovaThor chipsets.

The new smartphone, Sensation Z710t, is set to become a TD-SCDMA phone that will support 3-D graphics, high-definition multimedia and the ability to run numerous Android applications simultaneously, the company said.

The 4.3-inch smartphone, itself, is based on the A9500 dual-core application processor that runs at 1GHz, and ST-Ericsson's Thor M6718 modem. The device has a dual ARM A9 cores and Mali 400 graphics with built-in 45-nm CMOS. The device also features an 8 MP camera.

ST-Ericsson's new NovaThor platform has enabled us to develop a world-class Android smartphone for China Mobile's TD network, said Matthew Costello, chief operating officer of HTC, in a statement issued by ST-Ericsson.

The company previously made a loss of $221 million on sales revenue of $385 million in the second quarter of 2011, according to an eetimes.com report.