Warner Bros.' remake of A Star Is Born could be moving toward a due date.

The studio has hired up-and-coming writer Will Fetters to do a draft of the script with the aim of pushing forward the long-gestating project. A number of screenwriters have worked on previous drafts, including Ali writers Stephen Rivele and Christopher Wilkinson and Notorious scribe Reggie Rock Bythewood.

Star centers on a showbiz ingenue who falls for an established male star and whose career soars while his goes into decline.

Beyonce's name has surfaced in connection with the lead role, though the pop star is not officially involved at this point. Beyonce starred as a rags-to-riches pop star in Dreamgirls.

Three previous versions of the project have been made, most recently in 1976, with Frank Pierson directing Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. That film changed the original Hollywood setting to the music business. This version also will be set in the record industry.

Studio observers have said that the modern era of celebrity, with its 24-hour media coverage and scrutiny, makes the time ripe for a new Star Is Born.

Fetters is adapting the Nicholas Sparks novel The Lucky One for Warner Bros. and co-wrote the Robert Pattinson-toplined drama Remember Me for Summit Entertainment.