Star Trek fans will get a sneak peek at the first nine minutes of “Star Trek Into the Darkness” before IMAX screenings of “The Hobbit” on Friday. Some reporters have already seen the first nine minutes and have revealed what fans should expect to see from the “Star Trek Into the Darkness” teaser.

Sadly, the biggest question -- will Khan be the main villain in “Star Trek Into the Darkness?” -- remains unanswered. There are plenty of hints and teases that suggest Khan will be making an appearance, but it is still not a guarantee that he will be the antagonoist. Ain't It Cool saw the first nine minutes and reports that the score by Michael Giacchino for “Star Trek Into the Darkness” quotes Khan's theme from “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.”

Benedict Cumberbatch's character, first identified as John Harrison, is still a mystery, although his character will play a major villain in “Star Trek Into the Darkness.” Ain't It Cool does not believe Cumberbatch will be playing Khan.

Drew McWeeny, from HitFix, also saw the preview and revealed a little more about “Star Trek Into the Darkness.” Admiral Marcus and Carol Marcus, played by Alice Eve, will be in the film, as will the Klingons home planet of Qo'noS. McWeeny believes that Cumberbatch's character could very well be Khan but also suggests an interesting possibility as to who Cumberbatch's villain really is.

While not dismissing the possibility that Cumberbatch could be playing Khan, he does throw out a “crazy theory” that Cumberbatch could be playing Captain Robert April and that the line at the end of the trailer, "Is there anything you would not do for your family?" is directed at Pike, played by Bruce Greenwood.

Fans should expect plenty of action as well. The whole cast of the Enterprise makes an appearance, as well as more glimpses of Earth, according to Collider. The main action involves the Enterprise underwater and Kirk, played by Chris Pine, and Bone, played by Karl Urban, are being chased on an unnamed planet, reports Ain't It Cool.

All reports do agree on one thing, the nine minutes of “Star Trek Into the Darkness,” will whet fans' appetite for the movie and will have them buzzing with questions. “Star Trek Into the Darkness” is already one of the most anticipated movies of 2013, and the teaser will only add to the hype.

The first nine minutes of “Star Trek Into the Darkness” will run before 500 IMAX screenings of “The Hobbit” and the movie will be released on May 17, 2013.