The “Star Wars Battlefront” fandom has been steadily growing, matching the hype for the coming title. After showing off some new gameplay and content details in past gaming conventions and shows, the developers have given a new avenue for fans to get more information.

Electronic Arts and DICE provided new details on “Star Wars Battlefront,” treating the community to small clues about the gameplay, some vehicle mechanics and even a confirmation on split-screen questions over at the official “Star Wars Battlefront” website.

Responding to community questions, EA confirmed some new mechanics on vehicle spawning and flying. In Walker Assault, spawning into vehicles will require the player to find a vehicle power up while playing the map. Once activated, players will be spawned inside the vehicle. This power-up is also time-limited so that the power-ups can be distributed among the players.

Player progression, in terms of gaining experience, also appears separate for the Mission and the Multiplayer. The experience that is gained when playing the Missions will not translate to multiplayer career experience. But EA added that there are still credit rewards that can be obtained, which are useful in purchasing unlocks.

Fans have been asking if the Y-wings can be piloted. EA clarified that despite having the ability to call them in as support in some game modes, Y-wings cannot be controlled by the player.

As for as the other multiplayer modes, EA promised that more will be revealed in the weeks leading to the release of “Star Wars Battlefront.” As a teaser, some of the modes will include Blast, Cargo, Drop Zone, Fighter Squadron and Supremacy.

Finally, one final game mechanic was touched on. Those who are playing on the PC version will not be able to experience the split-screen feature, as it is only offered on the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

Fans can also expect to see more of “Star Wars Battlefront” at the D23 Expo. This is a Disney convention happening in August at Anaheim, California, where new exclusive footage of Disney videogames will be released, the Hollywood Reporter revealed.

This is not limited to “Star Wars Battlefront.” Other Disney game titles that will also see some exclusive gameplay include “Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition.” Other Star Wars titles, specifically for the mobile platform, will also receive demos. These are “Star Wars Commander” and “Star Wars: Battle Pod.”

"Star Wars Battlefront" survival mode trailer (Credit: YouTube/EAStarWars)