John Boyega has shared through social media a new promotional poster of his character Finn in the film “Star Wars: Episode VII-The Force Awakens.” Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) can be seen standing next to Finn on the poster, and this may confirm a leaked scene description that teased the friendship of the two characters in the movie.

Boyega shared the image via his Instagram account. It shows Finn carrying a new blaster and Chewbacca carrying a crossbowlike device, a weapon he was seen carrying in the original “Star Wars” trilogy. A possible friendship between the two characters was previously leaked.

[Spoiler Alert!]

Two scenes in the film lead Finn and Chewbacca to become close, according to  Making Star Wars. One scene shows Finn tending to the wounds of Chewie after the Wookiee gets wounded in a fight with two gang members aboard a massive space freighter. The other scene shows Chewie tending to the wounds of Finn following their fight with the villain Kylo Ren (Adam Driver).

The site also reported Finn will discover the remote device employed by Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) during lightsaber training in the original “Star Wars” trilogy, indicating the character may learn the ways of the Force in the future. However, the site suggest that this find may just be an Easter egg with no special meaning in terms of Finn's future, which is said to be “left wide open” for subsequent films to explore. Meanwhile, the site calls Finn and Chewie “space buds.”

“Star Wars: Episode VII-The Force Awakens” is set for release in the U.S. Dec. 18, 2015.