A leaked concept art description of Supreme Leader Snoke in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has surfaced online. The description, which is different from a previous leak, reveals what the character might look like. [Spoiler alert!]

Jason Ward of Making Star Wars, who previously leaked concept art and descriptions of two trailers, now says he has seen updated concept art of the main villain, to be played by Andy Serkis. Readers should note that the art might not depict the final version of the character.

According to the report, Snoke wears a “black kimono with an outer robe and an off-white robe underneath it.” There is said to be a kind of wrapping around his waist that flows like a skirt that reaches the floor. The collar of the robe is said to reach all the way to his chin.

The concept art reportedly shows Snoke to be a reptilian alien and his head is said to be shaped like that of a cobra. The character is said to have pitch black eyes and a closed “bulbous” mouth. He is said to have an “angry sneer about him.” The report is different from what Star Wars Underworld previously reported about the villain.

According to the report, Snoke looks like an old man who has a zombie-like appearance and is described as “almost risen from the dead.” The report is from a time when details about the character were still not official and the character was described using the code name Uber.

It was later revealed on the film's official website that Serkis’ character will be created with help from motion capture technology and an image of the actor filming a scene was posted in the report. Details about the character and his look are expected to be unveiled this week at San Diego Comic-Con. The movie is slated to be released Dec 18 in the U.S.