Given how popular the “Star Wars” franchise is and how eager fans are to see the latest installment, “The Force Awakens,” it’s surprising what little is known about J.J. Abrams’ upcoming film. Luckily, if rumors are true, the public will be gifted with one final trailer to the upcoming science fiction movie on Oct. 19.

It’s worth mentioning that neither Disney nor Lucasfilm has confirmed that a new trailer is coming at all, let alone on Monday. However, rumors have been circulating from credible “Star Wars” leak sites that indicate the film will push out its third (more like second and a half) trailer on Monday, Oct. 19. It will reportedly then hit theaters to run during the previews of the new James Bond film “Spectre” on Nov. 6, according to Making Star Wars, a rumor and leak site for the film that’s proved somewhat credible in the past.

Why not wait until “Spectre” hits theaters to show off the new trailer? According to Screen Crush, which originally reported the story, the answer has to do with advanced ticket sales. The site reports that U.S. theater chains were issued ticketing information for “The Force Awakens” that has to be put into their respective systems by Oct. 16. All signs are pointing to presale tickets becoming available on Oct. 19. This would make the day the perfect time to release a new trailer, perhaps one with some plot details this time. As Forbes notes, this may also give fans answers to important, albeit often overlooked, questions such as the film’s runtime and MPAA rating.

Fortunately, fans won’t be surprised on Monday by the release. With something as important as presale tickets on the line, Lucasfilm and Disney are expected to make an official announcement sometime over the weekend, with some estimating only a 12 hour gap between the announcement and the big reveal on Monday.

Previously, fans were treated to the film’s first official trailer featuring Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and a peek at the First Order. Then, a mini teaser was released on the film’s official Instagram account, showcasing a new light-saber wielding good guy. However, both of those clips were light on plot details and, let’s face it, returning cast members. If the rumors about a new “Star Wars” trailer are true, hopefully fans can expect to have a lot to talk about between Oct. 19 and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” official release date on Dec. 18. Fortunately, even the cast is pulling for the trailer to drop sooner rather than later.