Professional "Starcraft 2" player Greg “IdrA” Fields was taken off the official roster of his eSports team, Evil Geniuses, after he made disparaging comments about fans of the uber-popular RTS in a forum post.

In the post, which has since been deleted, Fields said: “Nope you’re all a bunch of f----. It just so happens I get paid to treat you like it. It’s fucking awesome.”

Fields was responding to a forum poster who mused that the pro "Starcraft 2" gamer was "pained and crying inside." Now that Fields has been released, it appears as if he made a gross miscalculation with respect to his security on Evil Geniuses’ roster. Fields also seemed to be unaware of any code of conduct.

Evil Geniuses CEO Alexander Garfield made a statement in which he addressed the incident: “Over the past several years, we as an organization have grown close to Greg, and we have developed a deep appreciation and respect for him as a person. We consider him a member of our family, and parting ways with him leaves us all with a very heavy feeling in our stomachs,” Garfield said.

A screenshot of the exchange can be seen below.


This should serve as a warning to anyone who holds a position that gets regular exposure to the public spotlight, regardless of what field you’re in. Professionalism and image are held in high regard. When an establishment’s image is tarnished, more often than not it will take steps to protect its standing in the court of public opinion. That’s exactly what Evil Geniuses did. Hopefully, Fields has learned his lesson.

Do you think that Evil Geniuses went too far in releasing Greg Fields from its "Starcraft 2" team? How do you feel about Fields’ comments? Sound off in the comments below.