The Steelers fell to the lowly Titans this past Thursday, and without football to occupy him over the weekend, one of the team’s rookie linemen got himself into heaps of trouble with the law.

Defensive lineman Alameda Ta'amu was arrested early Sunday morning after he drunkenly evaded police and attempted to slam his car into officers, according to Yahoo Sports.

Among a litany of other offenses, Ta’amu is charged with 15 counts of DUI, felony fleeing, and aggravated assault with a vehicle.

Ta’amu’s wild night came crashing down when officers observed his 2006 Lincoln Navigator swerving in and out of lanes, speeding in pedestrian zones, running red lights, and illegally passing other vehicles.

When law enforcement attempted a stop on Ta’amu’s vehicle, the rookie lineman ignored their calls and proceeded to drive his car straight at them, forcing them to dive out the way. The officers drew their weapons, but did not fire due to a density of pedestrians in the area.

Ta’amu’s booze cruise kept on going as he hit a parked pedestrian car (injuring its passenger) and several other moving vehicles before disabling his own car. At this point, he exited his Navigator, took off his shirt, and fled on foot, where droves of officers finally subdued him as he continued to resist arrest. His blood alcohol content was nearly .196 percent -- nearly twice the legal limit, police told several media outlets.

Ta’amu has yet to play this season for the Steelers, though it’s likely he got his fair share of action Sunday morning.