Sydney Archdiocese will give a $100,000 grant to start and sustain the research study on the possible therapeutic effect of adult stem cell on Tuesday.

Dr. Carl Walkey, a researcher at St. Vincent Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne will present the money on Wednesday.

Dr.  Walkey has undertaken a project aimed at improving the success of transplanted adult stem cells in the redevelopment of blood formation in patients who are suffering from disorders such as the leukemia and cancer.

He has said in a statement that the money will greatly help in their work in understanding the adult stem cell and what they can do with it.

For example, we have high hopes to find a way to increase the effectiveness of bone marrow transplants and cure blood disorders.

Cardinal George Pell says that clinical procedures could follow instantly once Dr. Walkey's project is a success.

In this case, this research project will make a historical contribution to the field of medical science.

The Catholic Church has opposed the embryonic stem cell research in the past. This is the fourth time that the Archdiocese of Sydney has granted funds for different adult stem cell research.