Donald Trump will announce his running mate Friday, but Stephen Colbert is not too impressed with his possible choices. On CBS' "The Late Show" Wednesday, Colbert broke down the vice presidential shortlists for both Trump and Hillary Clinton ahead of the Republicans and the Democrats' big party conventions next week. 

"The buzz is both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are apparently about to announce their running mates. Clinton's choice will likely come next week, but this Friday Trump is hosting a major event to announce his pick ahead of the Republican convention in Cleveland," said Colbert, before comparing Trump's announcement plans to NBA champion LeBron James' 2010 free agency TV special. "It will be like LeBron James' 'Decision,' except this time all of Cleveland will try to flee to South Beach." 

Colbert first took a look at the three names on Trump's shortlist, including New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. The comedian set up the segment in the style of a sports draft preview, breaking down each candidate like an athletic prospect. 

"[Christie] is a brash power player, not afraid to throw some elbows," Colbert joked. "And as he has shown with the George Washington Bridge, he can really shut down the lane."

Colbert took some shots at the Democrats' choices as well, including Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and  Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine. As he did with Pence, Colbert again pretended to fall asleep while describing Kaine, even tossing to an interview clip of Kaine himself admitting he was "boring." 

As for Warren, Colbert joked about how Clinton and Warren wore a similar blue suit jacket while appearing together at a June campaign stop. 

"I wouldn't count [Warren] out," said Colbert, keeping with the sports analogies. "They already have the same uniform."