The Stephen Colbert Super PAC (political action committee) wants you to cast a write-in vote for Texas Governor Rick "Parry" at the Ames, Iowa, Republican straw poll Saturday. That's right, Rick "Parry" with an "A."

"'A' for America, 'A' for Iowa," stated the PAC, whose official name is Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow.

The ads attack other PACs, from "outside" of Iowa, for supporting Rick Perry with "cornography" and "unlimited super PAC money." The Stephen Colbert Super PAC wants you to support Rick Perry, too, but "not their Rick Perry, our Rick Parry" (with an "A").

It's unclear what point Colbert's ads are trying to make, but they're clearly videos that mock the conservative politican, whose aides  confirmed a presidential run this week. Perry is exopedt to announce Saturday. 

Comedian Stephen Colbert is well-known for mocking conservative politicians, most notably former President George W. Bush.

Below are the two videos from the Stephen Colbert Super PAC that urge support for Rick "Parry."