First out October 24th, Walter Isaacson's biography on Steve Jobs has quickly climbed its way to the top as an instant best-seller. According to Bookscan U.S. and, data shows 379,000 copies have already been sold in the U.S in this first week.

In its first week, book sales topped John Grisham's novel The Litigators by a ratio of more than one to three. These numbers may not come as much of a surprise, especially with the way the book was marketed. Steve Jobs was a successful, mysterious man. The public couldn't wait to hear about what the Apple genius did in his spare time, his veganism, his relationships, his designs, and his leadership style.

Not many people got a glimpse of his personal life, except for Isaacson. Of course, with the passing away of the Apple guru, the biography was more widely anticipated. It turns out the biography was actually scheduled to released later, but production was pushed up sooner due to the growing popularity and interest.

In it, Isaacson writes admirably about Jobs' genius abilities, but is at the same time disturbed by the side most of us don't know. We get a truthful look at Jobs' personal and professional lives. Through a series of interviews conducted with people in both aspects of Steve Jobs' life, people were fairly honest about all the good and bad things. In fact, Jobs didn't want his story to be a polished, heart-warming story of how he created an Apple kingdom. Jobs even admitted to Isaacson he was aware there would be parts he wouldn't like.

The biography was a top seller on Amazon before it was even released. Overall, the book ranks as the 18th best-selling book for this year. Even in the UK, sales are doing well with 37,244 copies sold in its first week. At this rate, with just about two months shy from year's end, Walter Isaacson's biography may make it as top seller for 2011.