On Wednesday at Apple Inc. annual shareholder meeting, an Apple director responded to an investor saying that co-founder and CEO, Steve Jobs is still expected to return from his medical leave at the end of June, the Associated Press reported.

The investor — who was the only one to press for details on Jobs' health — had asked when the board knew Jobs planned to step away from his daily duties. Apple director Arthur Levinson responded that since Jobs announced Jan. 14 that he needed to go on leave, nothing has changed, the news agency reported.

Jobs, who turned 54 on Tuesday, was not at the meeting. At one point, investors stood up and sang Happy Birthday to him, at the urging of one shareholder.

Last year after fighting pancreatic cancer, Jobs looked very frail and thin. On January 5, Jobs said he had a treatable hormone imbalance and would continue to run Apple.

The following week he went on leave for treatment of the medical issues which apparently were more complex than what he had initially believed resulting in Apple's chief operating officer, Tim Cook, taking over many daily duties.

Despite questions about how Apple's board handled the disclosures about Jobs' health, all the directors were re-elected, including former Vice President Al Gore, Google Inc. CEO Eric Schmidt and Levinson, who is the chairman and CEO of Genentech Inc.

Jobs' health especially concerns investors because of the huge influence he has had in shaping Apple's products and design choices since he regained control of the company in 1997.

Apple shares closed up 91 cents, or 1 percent, at $91.16.