Steve Johnson of the Buffalo Bills took heat Sunday for pretending to shoot himself in the leg after scoring a touchdown, mocking Jets wide receiver Plaxico Burress. Burress returned this year after spending two years in jail for gun charges after he accidentally shot himself in the leg. Here's that clip and four other infamous NFL celebrations.

Terrell Owens

Owens is perhaps the king of controversial celebrations. Here is one that caused a lot of anger on the field from when the mercurial receiver was in San Franciso. He ran to the star at the center of Cowboys stadium twice to celebrate before being attacked by a Cowboys player.

Chad Johnson

Before he changed his last name to Ochocinco, Chad Johnson was known for catching touchdowns and celebrating in inventive ways. Here, he grabs a TD then proposes to a Bengals cheerleader.

Chad Johnson's Proposal


Randy Moss

Randy Moss pretended to drop his pants in the direction of Packers fans in what announcer Joe Buck called a disgusting act.

Terrell Owens... Again

There's just too much material not to have two TO celebrations. Here, he mocks Ray Lewis, the fearsome Ravens linebacker.