There are only 13 days left until Christmas, and for those struggling to find the perfect stocking stuffers for their kids this holiday, here are 10 original gift ideas and where to buy them:

Make your own snowman, $8


Let your kids bring out their creative side with this clever stocking stuffer. The package includes eco-friendly, pre-cut pieces, color-matching embroidery, ribbon and easy-to-follow instructions.

Tangle Teezer, $9.99


Give your kids a break this holiday by adding a Tangle Teezer detangling hair brush in their Christmas stocking. Your kids will thank you for hassle-free hair brushing after one use of their inventive product.

Alex Toys Draw in the Tub Bath Toy, $7.49


Make bath time fun for kids with the Alex Toys bath tub crayon set. The package, which includes six colored crayons, is made for children ages three and up.

On the Lookout Binoculars, $9.95


Give your kids a sense of adventure by giving them their own personal binoculars this holiday. Available in bold red, this gift also comes with its own carrying pouch.

Whoopee Cushion, $4.95


Perfect for the prankster in your life, the Whoopee Cushion will offer hours of laughs for both boys and girls and is well under the $10 limit.

Magical 8 Ball, $8.99


A classic gift, Mattel’s Magic 8 ball will offers hours of entertainment for those curious to know their fortunes.

Astronaut Ice Cream, $4.99


Surprise kids with a taste of Astronaut ice cream this Christmas. The free-dried sweet treat is available in three flavors: Choc Choc Chip, Neapolitan and Mint Choc Chip.

Rudolph The Red-Noise Reindeer, $7.99


Let the magic live on throughout the year in your home by including the classic Christmas film “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” in your kid's stockings this year.

Rainbow Loom bracelet refills, $2.99


The newest craze since Silly Bandz, Rainbow Looms are captivating kids’ attention nationwide. While kits for the DIY bracelets run for upwards of $25.99, refills for your favorite kid crafter can be purchased for just under $3. 

Set of 12 Books in a Carrying Case, $8.95 (per set)


Bring your kids' favorite Pixar movies to life with the Disney book box set. The 12-set collection, which includes titles such as “Cars” and “Toy Story," is sure to be hit among all young Disney fans.