The six-day search for the bodies of Norway massacre victims on Utoya island ended on Thursday. The Norwegian police are now convinced that it's Anders Behring Breivik alone, who was responsible for the shootings on the island of Utoeya and a bomb attack in the Norwegian capital Oslo.

Breivik has also confessed to killing at least 76 people on July 22 in bombing in central Oslo and shooting spree at summer camp for the ruling Labor Party's youth wing on the island.

Friends and family members of the unfortunate victims have shared their tragic stories as more than a week has passed after the worst nightmare in the history of Norway since World War II.

Breivik, the 32-year-old right-wing fanatic tried to justify his dreaded acts saying that it was "necessary" to take such actions to stop the "colonization" of the country by Muslims. He said the labor party must take responsibility for "driving its ideological line and keeps deconstructing Norwegian culture and mass importing Muslims".

However, to Breivik's dismay, greater unity and patriotism have been brought instead.

Start the slideshow to see the newly emerged portraits of victims of the Norway massacre:

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