Humanity has survived another day to fight “The Strain.” One of the grossest FX TV series to-date is back for Season 2 in July. For the premiere, humans will meet the raised stakes and fight fire with fire as they seek out biological weapons to survive the deadly onslaught of a vampire virus decimating New York.

Spoiler TV revealed the latest plot synopsis for the creepy crawly Season 2 premiere, titled “BK, NY.” CDC doctors Eph (Corey Stoll) and Nora (Mía Maestro) begin cooking up a biological weapon to kill the virus that turns its victims into vampires, strigoi. Meanwhile, Prof. Setrakian (David Bradley) may compromise the group’s safety in order to unearth a hidden secret.

But the dangers don’t stop there. The ancient vampire baddie looking to restablish dominance over humanity known as The Master (Robert Maillet) is back and cooking up his own plan to create a new creature. He designates Kelly Goodweather (Natalie Brown), Eph’s estranged wife and now Strigoi, as the new inventions’ controlling force.

When “The Strain” last left off, the problem that began with the discovery of over 200 undead passengers at JFK Airport had grown to city-wide chaos. After failing to kill The Master with sunlight, they must now find a human to slay the monster. During the tense season finale, Eph’s wife Kelly revealed she had become a Strigoi vampire after attempting to attack their son.

In the Season 2 preview below, several members of the cast and crew make it clear that the story is headed in a different direction. Whereas Season 1 of "The Strain" was mostly concerned with how the vampire virus spread, these next episodes will showcase the concerted efforts of survivors to combat their viral conqueror. Season 2 will air 13 episodes throughout the summer.

“The Strain” Season 2 premiere, titled “BK, NY,” premieres Sunday, July 12, at 10 p.m. EDT on FX.