Charlie Sheen may have gotten himself into headlines for all the wrong reasons, but in spite (or perhaps even because) of that, students seem to feel that he would make for a great commencement speaker!

It started with a campaign by a group of students at the George Washington University who launched a Facebook Page Charlie Sheen for Commencement Speaker GWU 2012; the page currently has more than 1300 likes by members who presumably want to see the disgraced actor on campus at the sending-off of next year's graduating class, rather than the scheduled appearance by New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. One advocate even hails him as our new champion.

The student newspaper GW Hatchet describes the move as a satirical ploy but it has nevertheless inspired other student groups across campuses to work towards the same cause.

Thus, you have 'Charlie Sheen for Commencement Speaker' at West Chester University, University of Georgia and the University of Missourie at Columbia, though the movement is yet to pick up comparable steam in these universities as evident from the number of likes on the Facebook pages.

It may, however, spark off an interesting contest among the Universities as one recent post on the University of Missourie's page says, We can't let GWU beat us.