Incoming students at Oklahoma Christian University will receive new Apple Macbook laptops the school said, and also get a choice between a new iPhone or an iPod Touch.

By offering the MacBook, we are addressing the needs of those students and faculty who are better served by a Mac OS platform, said John Hermes, chief technology officer, CTO at the university.

Current students will be offered a program where they can trade in their used laptops for a new MacBook.

Given the technologically advanced state of our students, this new platform satisfies their desire to access academic content outside the classroom, Hermes added. OCU said it has had an on-campus wireless network since 2001.

Apple's Mac computers have played an increasingly important role for Apple in recent months. Analysts have predicted that Mac sales, especially MacBook laptop computers have seen a jump with the introduction of its latest MacBook Air.

Apple has sold 22 million iPods and 2.3 million Macintosh PCs during the January quarter. Also, about 2.3 million iPhones were sold during the quarter.

Shares of Apple slid $3.27, or 2.62 percent to $121.75.