Having an optimist mind can cut ones chances stroke according to according to new research reported in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association.

The study surveyed 6044 adults older than 50 and asked them to rate their level of optimism on a 16 point scale.

Each point boost in optimism decreased 9 percent in acute stroke risk over a two-year follow-up period.

Our work suggests that people who expect the best things in life actively take steps to promote health, said Eric Kim, study lead
author and a clinical psychology doctoral student at the University of Michigan.

Optimism may play an important role in protecting against stroke among older adults, added Kim.

Study in the past has associated an optimistic attitude with healthier heart and stronger immune systems.

Kim addressed the quick impact of optimism as they had followed participants for only two years.

People have known intuitively that positive psychological outlooks can enhance health outcomes. Research is finally examining those
questions, Kim said. 

However, Kim and his colleagues pointed out that relying on self-reported data was an obvious limitation of the study as was the short follow-up period of only two years.

Kim also noted Optimism can definitely be learned saying Optimism isn't just the lack of anxiety or depression. Someone who seeks help for either anxiety or depression might be lifted from a negative 10 or so on a scale back to zero or neutral

The study's findings were published Thursday's online issue of the Journal Stroke.