width=278A study carried out by the Australian National University showed that kids who were born to older mothers are most likely to excel in school and tends to become more sociable compared to those who were born to young mothers.

Andrew Leigh, economist of ANU, and Xiadong Gong of the Treasury Department found out that those children born to mothers at the age of 30's achieved better results than those in the age of 20s, who in turn achieved better results than to those teenage mothers.

After the evaluation of their study, the researchers have found out a link between the mother's age and the child's level of intelligence, but when they are compensated with other socio-economic controls such as family income, this link disappears.

We know that those kinds of women who have kids early in their age tend to have lower levels of education, are less likely to be married and has lower incomes. These are the factors that are really driving it. Professor Leigh said.

Moreover, older mothers were more likely to obtain a high degree in education, have better paying jobs and are in a better position to support their kids to rich their full potential but, still, there are interferences in policy-makers.