BlackBerry Priv is now available for purchase in the home country Canada, the U.S. and the U.K., among others. Apart from the standard colors, a gold-plated BlackBerry Priv is also making its presence felt in Vietnam.

The Priv will apparently be released on Dec. 5 in Vietnam. Customers, who would like to have some bling on their devices, can wait for the gold-plated BlackBerry Priv from the luxury brand "Karalux," based out of Vietnam. This company is known for gold-plating all the prominent smartphones from across the globe. Karalux has already gold-plated devices like the BlackBerry Q10 and BlackBerry Passport, Phone Arena reported.

Speaking of price, the original Priv will set the buyers back by $699 in the U.S. The gold-plated variant, on the other hand, can be purchased for VND 25 million i.e. roughly $1,111, within Vietnam.  If a customer owns a Priv already, but would like to get the device gold-plated, the cost according to Karalux is VND 8 million that translates to $355. In the case of international customers, the device along with the gold-plating will come for VND 30 million, which roughly translates to approximately $1,333.

BlackBerry Priv Gold 2 An image of the 24K Gold-Plated variant of BlackBerry Priv. Photo: Karalux

As it turns out, gold-plating the Priv is not an easy task, unlike other devices. The sliding physical QWERTY keyboard might require some special treatment. Karalux said the process was a “bit more difficult to disassemble BlackBerry Priv.” The company’s engineers reportedly took approximately 2 hours to ferret out the details of the handset. In addition, they spent 4 hours doing more than 10 different procedures to get a finished gold-plated BlackBerry Priv. And hence, the device comes at a steep price.

Meanwhile, interested readers can check out additional photos of the Priv and contact information from Karalux’s official Website. Here is the promo of the gold-plated BlackBerry Priv: (Credit: YouTube/Karalux Việt Nam)