An ex-con was taken into custody after robbing two elderly men in the Stuyvesant Town section of Manhattan.

Henry Huggins, 51, whose mugging was caught on security footage, was identified because his face was plastered on wanted posters.

I'm glad he's caught, otherwise he would've continued doing this, said William Shafer, 71. Shafer was one of the victims who were mugged inside his E. 20th Street apartment building after withdrawing cash, according to the New York Post. I just hope he stays in jail and doesn't get out.

Huggins allegedly followed Shafter into the lobby. He violently knocked him to the floor and rifled through his pockets reports, the New York Post.  Safer said that he would have handed them man his money and that the violence was not necessary.

On Nov. 3, Huggins attacked another victim using his same M.O. A 77-year-old man withdrew money from an ATM and was attacked from behind has he was entering his building on First Ave. Huggins shoved the man against the wall and stole his money, reported the paper.

Huggins will be charged with two counts of robbery and burglary.