A casual walk down the street turned into an unexpected nautical adventure for several people in Milan on Tuesday morning. 
Residents and tourists were shocked to discover what appeared to be a submarine that had crashed through the streets of the city in an area located near Via dei Mercanti. The massive structure appeared to have pushed through the street, even damaging a car that happened to be in its path.  Adding to the weirdness of the scene, several sailors climbed from the tower of the submarine, meeting emergency crews that flooded the scene, reports Business Insider. 
Several baffled bystanders took to Twitter and Instagram to share images of the sub protruding through the stone street. 
Obviously this misplaced sea vessel didn't actually get lost during an under-Milan mission. The fake submarine was constructed in the street as part of a marketing campaign for Europe Assistance IT -- an insurance group based in Italy. 
The dramatic sight was all for the company's "Protect Your Life" campaign, an image that reappears on the site for the initiative.