Indo-Canadian adult star Sunny Leone, who entered the Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss as a contestant, has revealed her real identity.

It all started when one of the inmates of the Bigg Boss, Pooja Misrra, who had earlier advised Sunny to disclose her true profession by herself, made a re-entry into the house. However, she refused her advice saying she didn't like interference by others.

On Saturday's eviction night, host Sanjay Dutt indirectly reminded Sunny Leone about Pooja's advice. The 30-year-old adult star, who refused to reveal her status earlier, was surprised by Dutt's question.

Dutt went on to pester her, indirectly to reveal her true identity to the inmates of the house. However, Dutt left the decision entirely on Sunny and respected her move.

Taking it as a best chance to reveal the truth, Sunny accepted her true identity as an adult film actress on the national television. She made it very clear that there was no pressure on her and she chose to be a porn star.

Sunny said that she didn't care about what people think of her and she was okay even if her co-inmates refrained from talking to her after knowing who she actually was.

Her revelation was met with a big loud round of applause from the Bigg Boss inmates and host Sanjay Dutt as well.