The famed Soup Nazi from Seinfeld will be making an appearance in Super Bowl 2012.He will be teaming up with Jerry Seinfeld, not for a new television series, but for a new commercial to be shown during the game.

The commercial is for an Acura NSX.  In the commercial, Seinfeld is excited to buy his the luxury vehicle from the auto-making giant Honda and stops at nothing to obtain the car. 

However, he is number two on the list according to the car salesman.  He attempts to bribe the other Acura buyer through cash, the last living munchkin and holographic gadgets.

About 18 seconds in, the actor Larry Thomas appears on the screen, playing the Soup Nazi. The Soup Nazi is a cult favorite character on the self-titled Seinfeld episode The Soup Nazi, which premiered Nov. 2, 1995. 

In the commercial Seinfeld appears at the door of the Acura NSX buyer.

I'll throw in the Soup Nazi, said Seinfeld. The car buyer appears with a dumb-founded expression on his face.

Soup FOR you, proclaims the Soup Nazi, holding a large pot of soup.

I own all the characters, said Seinfeld.

The Soup Nazi is not the only 90s character to return on the small screen during Superbowl 2012. In another commercial, Matthew Broderick reprieves his old role of Ferris Bueller, also for a car commercial.

Check out the Soup Nazi video below.