LMFAO dazzled on stage with Madonna during the Super Bowl 2012 halftime show.

But the electro-pop duo's performance wasn't the only thing dazzling on the stage during Super Bowl Sunday. So were the Beats By Dre headphones worn by LMFAO member SkyBlu.

But it's no wonder these particular headphones were eye-catching: according to Vibe, they're valued at $1 million.

SkyBlu's headphones were covered with hundreds of Graff diamonds, each one put in place by hand.

Beats By Dre products are never exactly cheap--a regular set of over-ear headphones starts at $299.99--but the headphones designed for LMFAO are beyond pricey.

Some YouTube users who checked out the headgear, however, didn't see much to complain about. If I win a million dollars, I'm buying? those, one commenter wrote. If I ever win the lottery, these will? be the first thing I buy.

Check out how the $1 million duds were made below, and let us know: would you buy these headphones?

Graff Diamonds & Beats By Dre: $1 Million Headphones

Madonna And LMFAO At Super Bowl Halftime Show: