One of the best ways to draw in even the most casual of fans on Super Bowl Sunday is through getting friends and family to fill out a sheet of the best prop bets.

A variety of gambling Web sites offer prop bets, but most of them are illegal to use within the United States.

So instead we asked our friends at The Trough, a sports book, to provide a good list of 20 questions for sports fans to use for Super Bowl XLVI. We recommend handing them out to your guests before the start of the game and have whomever gets the most picks right win some sort of prize.

With this list of prop bets, it's easiest to print out and ask your guests to circle their answer for each of the 20 questions.

1. Coin Toss:                                                                                               

Heads or Tails

2. Which team will receive the opening kickoff?                                   

Giants or Patriots

3. Will either team score in the first 5.5 minutes of the game?           

Yes or No

4. Will the Giants score over or under 27.5 points?                                   

Over or Under

5. Will the Patriots score over or under 29.5 points?                       

Over or Under

6. Will the longest touchdown of the game be over or under 49.5 yards?            

Over or Under

7. Will the longest made field goal of the game be over or under 44.5 yards?

Over or Under

8. Will the jersey number of the player to score the first touchdown be over or under 81.5? (No TD = under wins)

Over or Under

9. Will Eli Manning have over or under 317.5 passing yards?

Over or Under

10. Will Tom Brady have over or under 320.5 passing yards?

Over or Under

11. Will BenJarvus Green-Ellis have over or under 47.5 rushing yards?

Over or Under

12. Will Ahmad Bradshaw have over or under 62.5 rushing yards?

Over or Under

13. Who will have more receiving yards, Hakeem Nicks or Wes Welker?

Nicks or Welker

14. Who will score first, Victor Cruz or Aaron Hernandez? (Void if No TDs)

Cruz or Hernandez

15. Who will have more rushing + receiving yards, Danny Woodhead or Brandon Jacobs?

Woodhead or Jacobs

16. Will the MVP be:

Caucasian or Any Other Race

17. Will Victor Cruz score a touchdown?

Yes or No

18. Will Madonna wear an NFL jersey/shirt at any point during the halftime show?

Yes or No

19. Who will score more points, Duke basketball players Miles Plumlee plus Mason Plumlee (vs Miami) or the losing Super Bowl team?

Plumlees or SB Loser

20. Who will score more points, Lebron James (vs Toronto) or the Patriots?

Lebron or Patriots