With the New York Giants Super Bowl 2012 Victory complete, all that's left to do is throw a blowout party with about a million of your closest friends.

That's why the city and county of New York are throwing a ticker tape parade today to celebrate the Giants' tremendous win over the New England Patriots, and you can watch it live with a free online stream.

The special parade will be live on NBC, and the NFL Networka and ESPN will both have some coverage of special event. Additionally, ABC New York has a live stream and Fox NY does too.

On local New York television, CBS channel 2, WNBC channel 4, NY1 channel 1 and MSG Network will all have coverage of the event.

The parade goes through New York's famed financial district and there are plenty of online news sites to hit up for live streams.

Like many other New York ticker-tape parades, Tuesday's route starts at Battery Place and Washington Street in the financial district, then goes along the Canyon of Heroes to City Hall Plaza.

Once there, Mayor Michael Bloomberg will present the New York Giants with the keys to the city.

Big Blue gave us a game to remember, and on Tuesday we're going to give them a parade to remember, Bloomberg said in a statement.