An elementary school principal has been charged under a local “super drunk” ordinance after being arrested with a blood alcohol content of .21. The “super drunk” principal was also caught on camera slipping out of her handcuffs while in the back of a police patrol car.

According to WXYZ, Deerfield Elementary Principal Kim Warren, 44, of Novi, Mich., was arrested on April 8 in the school parking lot after being found visibly intoxicated with an open bottle of vodka in her car. Police administered two breathalyzer tests with results of .21 and .20 over double the legal limit. 

On Monday, Warren was arraigned for the charges of High Blood Alcohol Content (Super Drunk) and Open Intoxicants in a Motor Vehicle. Novi law also refers to the high BAC charges as the “super drunk law.” 

Before Warren was arrested, she was seen driving and swerving erratically near the school. Two drivers called 911 to report her dangerous driving before Warren pulled into the school parking lot. From there, an officer arrested her for violating the “super drunk” law.

While in the back of the police cruiser, Warren was filmed apologizing to her arresting officer and stating that she might have to quit her job. In response, the officer told her that she should not quit, but instead seek professional help. Later in the video, the “super drunk principal” was seen slipping out of her handcuffs and placing them on the seat next to her. 

“You can hang on to them. … Just don’t throw them out the window or anything,” the officer says in the video.

On Monday, WXYZ aired a video of the event, prompting the Novi Police Department to release a statement on Warren's escape from her handcuffs.

"Ensuring the appropriate tightness and tension when applying handcuffs to a prisoner is very important,” Novi Police Chief David Molloy told WXYZ. “In this case, as in several others we encounter, arrested subjects do maneuver their way out of the handcuffs. It's critical the officer properly checks the handcuffs to ensure something like this doesn't happen."

Currently, Warren is on administrative leave with pay from Deerfield Elementary School. It is unknown how her trial will effect her suspension.

Watch a video of the “super drunk” principal below, courtesy of WXYZ’s Monday broadcast.