The competition for the role of Batman in the "Superman vs. Batman" project is heating up, and Christian Bale's name has once again been thrown onto the list of possible contenders. 

Warner Bros. has approached Bale with a $50 million contract for the upcoming film in an aggressive move to secure the actor for the highly anticipated project, reports Digital Spy. 

Bale recently stated that he had no interest in returning to the role of Batman in any new films, and that it was time to pass the part to another actor. At the time, he added that he had not been in any talks for a Justice League film or any project that would mark his big screen return as the Dark Knight. 

"I've literally not had a conversation with a living soul. I understand that they may be making a Justice League movie, that's it," he told Entertainment Weekly.

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On Monday it was revealed that Orlando Bloom was reportedly the new frontrunner for Batman in the "Batman vs. Superman" film. The follow-up to "Man of Steel" was announced this year at Comic-Con in San Diego. 

Bloom being named as a Bruce Wayne possibility was quite the controversial topic for fans. Many expressed interest in seeing him take on the role while others felt he wasn't the strongest choice for the part. 

"Man of Steel's" Henry Cavill is already set to return as Superman in the movie. Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburn and Diane Lane will be returning as well.

Other actors that have been rumored to play alongside Cavill include Armie Hammer and Scott Adkins.