“Supernatural” will return for more mystical drama when the CW series airs its Season 10 midseason premiere on Tuesday, Jan. 20. According to reports, the second-half of the 10th season is rumored to be killer -- or at least, feature a few bloodthirsty slaughterers.

That’s right, we’re teasing the return of a fan favorite! Tim Omundson, who plays the character Cain, expressed through a tweet that he will be reprising his role when the show returns in 2015.

Cain is a retired demon, known as the Father of Murder, who used to train the Knights of Hell. In fact, he became the first original Knight of Hell as a repercussion for killing his brother Abel.

But Abel’s murder was not committed in vain. According to Cain, his brother was in cahoots with Lucifer, which is when the eldest brother struck a deal with the devil himself that would save his brother’s soul and send his own to hell. Lucifer agreed, under one condition: Cain would have to be the one who killed his brother in order for Abel to go to heaven.

“So, I killed him. Became a soldier of hell, a knight,” Cain said to Dean (Jensen Ackles) in the episode "First Born." But before Cain had earned the frightening title of the world’s most terrible demon, he was a fearsome human, killing anyone who crossed his path in order to feed the Mark of Cain -- a mark he since passed down to Dean in Season 9.

Cain gave Dean the mark so that the eldest Winchester brother could wield the First Blade, the only weapon powerful enough to kill the enemy of both Cain and Dean: Abaddon (Alaina Huffman). We all know how, however, that the mark actually led to Dean’s black-eyed destruction. After Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) killed Dean in the Season 9 finale, Sam’s (Jared Padalecki) brother transformed into a demon due to the Mark of Cain being in his system.

Dean has spent a chunk of Season 10 succumbing to his demonic ways until his brother found a way to cure him. But it looks like the Mark of Cain will begin to affect Dean once again when the midseason premiere airs in 2015. Thankfully, Cain will reenter the plotline, though, to either give Dean advice of how to beat his appetite for blood or take the mark back from the Winchester.

What do you think Cain’s purpose in Season 10 of “Supernatural” will be? Sound off in the comments section below with your predictions, and don’t forget to tune in to the midseason premiere when episode 10, “The Hunter Games," airs Tuesday, Jan. 20.