supernatural season 9 recap
What happened in the Season 9 finale of "Supernatural"? Find out what happened to Dean (Jensen Ackles, above) before the Season 10 premiere airs Tuesday, Oct. 7. The CW

They boys are back! And according to reports, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester will be darker than ever when the Season 10 premiere airs Tuesday, Oct. 7. Yes, you heard right. We did say Sam would be exploring his demonic side in the new season, even though his brother was the one who turned into a demon during the Season 9 finale.

But Dean's hellish turn wasn’t the only surprise that went down in episode 23, “Do You Believe in Miracles.” We've recapped every heart-stopping moment from the Season 9 finale to prepare fans for the madness that executive producer Jeremy Carver has up his supernatural sleeve for the new season.

The episode began with Dean attacking Gadreel (Tahmoh Penikett) with the First Blade, which is when Sam and Castiel (Misha Collins) decided they needed to throw the eldest Winchester bro in the bunker’s dungeon out of concern about the weapon's effect on him. Once Dean was safely behind bars, they healed Gadreel, who revealed Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) was working on a plan to have humanity follow him instead of God.

That’s when Castiel and Gadreel realized that in order to stop Metatron, they'd have to infiltrate heaven and break the angel tablet, which was making the fallen angel powerful. But Dean had a different idea on stopping Metatron – and it was going to be bloody.

Dean summoned the King of Hell himself to help him escape the prison. But once Sam agreed to help his brother hunt down Metatron, Dean told Crowley (Mark Sheppard) to take a hike.

The two eventually track down the evil angel, but Dean totally got his butt kicked before getting killed when Metatron shoved a knife through his chest. We’ve seen Dean die before – by a taco, by getting crushed and even run over, but seeing him murdered by Metatron was the most heartbreaking death we’ve ever witnessed. Perhaps it was because the siblings, who weren’t on the best of terms, put their brotherly quarrel aside when they realized one of them wasn’t going to make it out of Season 9 alive.

But Metatron didn’t get off so easy. Although he did kill one of our favorite Winchesters, Castiel managed to rain on his power-induced parade when he tricked the angel into broadcasting his menacing plan to the whole angel world. The only way Castiel was able to do so was because Gadreel had sacrificed himself to help Castiel escape from Heaven’s dungeon after the two were caught snooping around.

But the most exciting moment of the Season 9 finale that had us screaming at our TV sets occurred in the final moments. After Dean had died, Sam called upon Crowley to help resurrect his brother. But as it turned out, the Mark of Cain wouldn’t let go of Sam’s brother, which is when Crowley gave Dean a different set of instructions. Instead of reviving him into his human form, Dean opened his eyes -- revealing demonic, black ones.

The new season will explore Dean’s supernatural side while Sam attempts to track down his demon brother.

Tune in for the Season 2 premiere of “Supernatural” on Tuesday, Oct. 7, at 9 p.m. EDT.