“Supernatural” never ceases to surprise us -- even after ten seasons of jaw-dropping drama! The Season 10 finale of the hit CW series left viewers with their mouths agape (once again) Wednesday night after a major twist was revealed in the installment’s final episode, “Brother’s Keeper.”

In the drama-stuffed episode it was revealed by Death (Julian Richings) that the only way to remove the pesky Mark of Cain from Dean (Jensen Ackles) would be by passing the burden onto someone else (or else the Darkness inside the Mark would be freed from its cage). However, despite his demonic ways, Dean found enough mortality inside himself to opt against condemning an innocent person to that horrific fate. So, instead Dean and Death worked out a plan that would send the cursed Winchester somewhere he couldn’t hurt a single soul for the remainder of his eternal life (the Mark of Cain grants immortality). But of course, that deal came at a cost -- and a deadly one at that.

Dean promised Death Sam’s (Jared Padelecki) life for the chance to live out the rest of his far, far away. But when the time came for Dean to keep his part of the bargain, the eldest Winchester swung Death’s reaper killing not his brother but The Horseman himself.

“I think I just killed Death,” Dean said comically after The Horseman crumbled to his death. This left fans wondering if Dean had just become the Grim Reaper 2.0.

Just when viewers sighed a breath of relief, the real drama began. Following Death’s demise, Rowena (Ruth Connell) finished conjuring up a spell (in return for her freedom) that would relieve Dean of the Mark. But once the spell was completed and Dean dismissed of his demonism, Darkness was freed from its confinement. Soon a cloud of dark smoke began covering the earth, swallowing the helpless hunters whole.

The Season 10 finale sets up Season 11, which was renewed by The CW in January, for an action-packed installment. Hopefully the forthcoming season will confirm whether or not Dean’s new gig is becoming Death, how Darkness will affect the world,and what Rowena will be doing with her new found freedom and the Book of the Damned in tow.

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