Guess we’re not the only ones who think Dean (Jensen Ackles) is a total heartthrob! Sam’s (Jared Padalecki) big bro will find himself face-to-face with an unexpected admirer in the upcoming Season 11 installment of “Supernatural."

So who exactly has their sights set on the eldest Winchester? Well, it was revealed in the CW's promo video for episode 11, titled “Into The Mystic,” that a woman named Mildred will become quite enamored with the handsome hunter. (Welcome to the club, Mildred!)

TVline previously explained that Mildred is a 60-year-old resident of a “posh nursing home”— one that is currently under investigation due to the several horrific killings that have taken place there. But Mildred isn’t letting a little death get in the way of getting her flirt on. The sassy — and rather raunchy — character will attempt to seduce Dean while he solves the murder mystery.

Fans got a sneak peek of Mildred’s hilariously seductive ways in a promo video for the upcoming installment. In the trailer, fans watch as Dean has a heart-to-heart with the Mildred about her youth, which involved touring in a Patsy Cline tribute band. That’s when Mildred opens up to her new friend about the secret to living a long and happy life. “Follow your heart. You do that all the rest just figures itself out,” she says before putting her hand on Dean’s knee … leaving it there for quite a bit of time.

“Your hand is still on my knee,” Dean says moments after their discussion has ended.

“I could move it up,” Mildred quips back with a laugh.

Oh, Mildred. You might not have won Dean over but you totally have us swooning!

“Supernatural” airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. EST on the CW.