The latest episode of “Supernatural” was peppered with myriad emotions that came to the surface when Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) finally realized that his brother Dean (Jensen Ackles) was alive and that his dead mother Mary (Samantha Smith) was resurrected. After the tepid season premiere saw the mother son duo chase after Sam, episode 2 finally gave us the promised reunion.

“Mamma Mia” kicked off right where episode 1 left off with Lady Toni (Elizabeth Blackmore) torturing Sam in order to get the names of all the hunters in America and passcodes to the databases in the bunker. We’ve seen the youngest Winchester getting tortured many things. But Toni gets points for using an innovative interrogation technique: Sex. That’s right – while physically cutting him up she makes him hallucinate that they are sleeping together.

Elsewhere, in the bunker, Dean is teaching Mary the ways of this world (and the Internet, of course) when they get a call from Castiel (Misha Collins). He’s got a lead on Sam’s location. While the mother son pair head off to rescue the youngest hunter in the family, we get an update on Crowley (Mark Sheppard) who has been hunting Lucifer.

Where does Crowley go to for help in locating his nemesis? Why, his mother of course. Rowena (Ruth Connell) is busy enjoying a monster-free life and a date when her son shows up and demands that she locates the fallen angel. And put him back in the cage. Although the witch does find Lucifer, who is now inhabiting the body of an aging rock star named Vince Vincente (Rick Springfield), they fail in putting him back in the cage. Really Crowley what did you expect?

“Supernatural” Season 12, episode 2 shows Lucifer imprisoning Rowena after their plan fails while Crowley runs off. Vince/Lucifer plans to use her magic which can mean very bad news for Crowley.

When Dean and mom arrive at the place Sam is being tortured, Dean gets captured by Lady Toni. Now she can torture two Winchesters together. However, the best part of “Supernatural” Season 12, episode 2 was when Mary showed up, pointed a gun at the British Men of Letters member and says, “Get away from my boys.”

Another member of the British Men of Letters named Mick arrives just in time to stop Mary from killing Toni and apologizes for her behavior.

Later, Mick tells Toni that the Winchesters will surely get in their way of making America a supernatural-free country. He hires an assassin to take them down.

Finally, the trio get to sit down and really bond. Later at night, Sam takes a cup of steaming tea and John’s journals to Mary’s room so that she can find out what happened after she died. And then we get the most emotional dialogue of the episode. Sam tells Mary, “Mom, for me, having you here fills in the biggest blank.”

“Supernatural” Season 12 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on The CW.