“Supernatural” will be returning to the small screen with a brand new episode on Tuesday, April 22. And according to reports, this is one episode that will tickle all your supernatural fancies. That’s right, episode 19 will be guest starring another paranormal creature: blood-sucking vampires!

The Stefan Pleszczynski directed episode is titled “Alex Annie Alexis Ann,” which reminds us of the 2011 thriller “Martha Marcy May Marlene.” Could the two have any correlation? Perhaps. In the psychological drama movie, which starred Elizabeth Olsen, the plot focused on the story of a young woman who suffered from delusions and paranoia. Hmm, that sounds like a plausible story line for a “Supernatural” episode.

However, the official synopsis of episode 19 explains that in “Alex Annie Alexis Ann,” Sheriff Mills will call up Sam and Dean when she realizes that a prisoner in her care has been abducted by vampires. We can’t wait to take a bite into this episode! And luckily for fans, the hit CW series leaked a promo that gave us a further look at what to expect when the new episode airs.

“Hey, do you need a hand with that?” Dean shouted over the sound of a wood chipper to a mystery man.

The creature let out a nasty growl as he turned around, revealing that he was throwing a body into the machine a la “Fargo.”

“I guess not,” Dean quipped.

Supernatural season 9 spoilers Dean will surely come to his brother's rescue in "Alex Annie Alexis Ann." Photo: Supernatural

We’re assuming the vampire was about to attack Dean because next thing we see is Sam hitting the paranormal entity over the head with a shovel.

“A game of vampires who bring out the mother in everyone,” the promo teased.

“That girl was under my protection,” Sheriff Mills said to the Winchester brothers as blood dripped from her nose. The trailer revealed that Mills lost custody of the prisoner during the middle of the night in the woods. She’s lucky all that happened to her, after a vampire stiff armed her, was a bloody nose.

Supernatural season 9 spoilers Who will win the battle in "Supernatural"? It's the Winchester brothers up against the vampires. Photo: Supernatural

However, others who came across these nighttime creatures weren’t so lucky.

“She’s been feeding people to those vamps,” Sam revealed. Could he be talking about the suspicious red head biting necks in the promo?

That’s not the only unsettling part of episode 19. The promo pics show that the Winchester brother’s lives may be at risk when they get captured by a hillbilly vampire!

Are you excited for “Alex Annie Alexis Ann” to debut? Let us hear your predictions in the comments section below.