Originally released for PC and mobile platforms in 2014, the game “Back to Bed” will now be coming to all major Sony platforms this summer. The surreal puzzler will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita through the PSN store, with publisher LOOT Interactive and developer Bedtime Digital showcasing the game at June's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles as one of its bigger attractions.

The game’s concept is as surreal as its visuals, with players having to guide a sleepwalker named Bob to the safety of his bed while also avoiding a good number of dangerous hazards and pitfalls along the way. To do this, players control Bob’s subconscious, known as Subob, who must rearrange objects and steer Bob to safety.

One of the game’s biggest appeals are the surreal graphics that seem to replicate the absurdity of “The Son of Man” and other paintings by Rene Margritte. According to Siliconera, fans will encounter hats with wings, windows that have eyes, alarm clocks with legs and giant green apples in this realm that could give “Wonderland” a run for its money, in terms of crazy visuals.

The absurd settings and offbeat visuals also have a role to play in the game, as Subob can walk on walls and pick up objects to ensure Bob’s safety. Subob must do various things to make sure Bob safely gets to his bed, like covering pits with the aforementioned giant green apples.

While the game was praised for its offbeat nature, unique premise and lovely graphics, it also had some problems. According to Pocket Gamer, the touchscreen controls for the mobile versions let the game down. However, the game is being converted to platforms that have controllers and directional buttons, so it is entirely possible that the wonky controls were fixed for the “Back to Bed” game.

Puzzle game fans that are interested in a surreal experience should keep an eye on “Back to Bed,” as it comes out for Sony PlayStation platforms this summer. Few games have visuals that are as interesting and as surreal, so if Bedtime Digital can fix the controls, “Back to Bed” could be a success on the PlayStation Network.

Back to Bed Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Bedtime)

Back to Bed Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Bedtime)