"Survivor: Second Chance" has been one of the wildest, most unpredictable seasons in the CBS series' 31-season history. Not even Stephen's coveted advantage could stop him from getting blindsided -- he was eliminated before he could vote out Joe, his white whale. Stephen's exit means the massive, "voting block"-dominated majority alliance is officially no more and no one is safe. So who is headed home in episode 12?

A sneak-peek video gives viewers a preview of the episode's immunity challenge. The castaways have to balance a small wooden statue over their heads with an increasingly long, wooden pole. The promo teases a big injury in the challenge when someone overexerts themselves. That is no surprise, considering how desperate everyone is to have that immunity necklace around their neck.

Watch a sneak-peek video from episode 12 below:

Who needs immunity the most? Here are three players in the hot seat in episode 12:

1. Kelley Wentworth

At this point, Kelley could either go home next or win the whole game. Despite a permanent spot on the bottom of the tribe's totem pole, the "Survivor" superfan has been able to brilliantly play the "voting block" strategy in her favor to stay alive. Just an episode after her hidden immunity idol shocker, Kelley was part of another big move after helping Spencer blindside Stephen. Now Kelley has more power than ever, but that comes with a target on her back. 

2. Joe Anglim 

Somehow, Joe lost his first individual immunity challenge in four tries, but enough people rallied to keep the California artist around, despite the fact that Stephen had his advantage. While Kelley may have had a point that she needed to do something to swing the numbers, keeping around Joe is a mistake. There is no way he would reach the final three and not win. The power players know that. If he does not win immunity, consider Joe firmly in the hot seat. 

3. Abi-Maria Gomes

Abi's trademark tantrums have remained mostly dormant for the last few weeks, but old habits die hard. In the last episode, Abi decided, out of nowhere, that everybody is lying to her and started advertising her vote as a game time decision between Spencer and Kelley's plan to vote out Stephen and Stephen's plan to vote out Joe. That made everybody nervous and renewed the conversation that she was too much of a liability to keep around. Since Abi is on the bottom of the totem pole anyway, that might be enough to make her an easy scapegoat for the paranoid tribe and their "voting blocks."

"Survivor: Second Chance" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. Watch the promo for episode 12 below: