The family visit episode is a beloved "Survivor" tradition -- the castaways lucky enough to survive for the first three quarters of the game are treated to a reward challenge visit from loved ones from home and the chance to win even more quality time with their respective loved one if they win the challenge. That tradition may have an interesting twice in "Second Chance." There are three former "San Juan Del Sur -- Blood vs. Water" contestants left in the game, which means those three players' loved one counterparts from Season 29 could return in episode 12 -- the CBS series counted the previous two-hour, double elimination as two episodes -- for a "Survivor" reunion. 

Watch the promo for episode 12 below

Here are three possible "Survivor" encores for "Second Chance" episode 12:

1. Val Collins

Val Collins is a Massachusetts police officer and the wife of current hidden immunity idol hoarder Jeremy on "Second Chance." Val was the second person voted out of "San Juan Del Sur -- Blood vs. Water" despite John Rocker's promise to Jeremy to look after her -- the husband and wife duo were on different tribes to start the game. That left Jeremy with a grudge and precipitated the unearthing of John's controversial past and allegations of racism. John was eventually voted out one week after Val.

Jeremy went on to continue playing "for Val" until he was voted out on day 24. In "Second Chance," Jeremy has broken down in tears talking about how he is playing to make his wife and kids' lives a little easier. The couple were expecting another children while Jeremy was in Cambodia. 

2. Wes Nale

Louisiana firefighter Wes Nale is the son of professional Tuk Tuk driver Keith Nale. Wes made it to day 26 in "San Juan Del Sur," getting voted out directly after Jeremy. After stepping down from an immunity challenge for some tempting chicken wings and beer -- to Keith's vocal chagrin -- Wes was voted out despite receiving only two votes thanks to timely hidden immunity idol plays from his father and Jon Misch. Keith, on the other hand, continued on until day 38.

Survivor Wes Nale (pictured) was the tenth person voted out of "San Juan Del Sur -- Blood vs. Water." Photo: CBS

3. Dale Wentworth

Washington native Dale Wentworth is the father of Kelley Wentworth, but Kelley might want to keep a safe distance. Dale was largely responsible for getting his daughter voted out in "San Juan Del Sur" when he picked a fight with Missy Payne and Baylor Wilson over how much rice the mother-daughter pair were eating. Missy went on to engineer the elimination of both Kelley and Dale in the next two tribal councils, while Missy went on to earn a spot in the final three. 

Will any or all three of these former castaways return in "Second Chance"? Fans will have to wait to find out. "Survivor" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.