Kelley put a serious crack in the majority alliance in episode 8 of "Survivor: Second Chance" when her hidden immunity idol turned the tables and sent Andrew packing. The twist send a loud and clear message that the tribe of "Survivor" veterans should have never forgotten -- nobody is ever safe. So, how will they change things going forward in episode 9? 

One thing is for sure, the castaways are taking immunity seriously after what happened with Kelley. The promo for the episode reveals that the tribe embarks on a camp-wide search for the new hidden immunity idol after they get back from episode 8's tribal council.

A sneak-peek video shows what is in store for the next individual immunity challenge. The castaways must balance on a wedge-shaped platform with their feet on narrow grooves, which then get all wet when a rain storm shows up to complicate things. As if that was not hard enough, host Jeff Probst announces there will be another wrinkle and presents the players with a sudden, surprise choice. Will it be a race for an alternative immunity idol, or something else entirely? 

Watch the sneak-peek video from episode 9 below:

With everyone scrambling to lock down immunity, who needs it most? Here are three castaways in the hot seat in episode 9:

1. Kelley Wentworth

Sure, Kelley's immunity idol play drew applause, but the majority alliance will not be happy to have watched one of their own go home. Plus, no one can receive as many votes as Kelley did in the last tribal council, whether they ultimately counted or not, and realistically be considered safe the next week. Hopefully for Kelley, the loss of Andrew will open up some more seams in the majority alliance for her and Ciera to exploit. However, if the majority stays solid and goes looking for revenge, it will be Kelley's head on the chopping block. 

2. Ciera Eastin 

Of course, Ciera is Kelley's greatest ally, so unless the pair can get some people to switch sides, she is not much safer. In fact, in many ways Ciera has been even more vocal in her attempts to disrupt the majority alliance. If she continues to scheme and ruffles the wrong feathers or if Kelley wins immunity, Ciera should could quickly supplant Kelley at the bottom of the tribe's totem pole. 

3. Joe Anglim 

It will likely take a "big move" to save Kelley or Ciera in episode 9 and the biggest move that has been tossed around in recent weeks is the idea of blindsiding Joe. Stephen is gunning for the California jewelry maker and everyone on the tribe recognizes what a threat he is in challenges -- he still has not lost individual immunity. If he loses in episode 9, it might inspire many, even among his own alliance, to take the opportunity to get rid of one of the favorites to win it all. 

"Survivor: Second Chance" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. Watch the promo for episode 9 below: