Host Jeff Probst (right) extinguishes Andrew Savage's torch after Savage was voted out in episode 8 of "Survivor: Second Chance." CBS

Remember during the tribal council on episode 8 of "Survivor: Second Chance" when Kass, over at the jury benches after being voted out in episode 8, waved her hand across her nose when Andrew got up to vote? In other words, "this guy stinks." Well, a few minutes later Kelley pulled out a hidden immunity idol, and all of a sudden Andrew was getting his torch snuffed out after being voted out of the game. That means some serious one on one time for Kass and Andrew on Ponderosa, the island where the ill-fated castaways hang out after elimination until the game is over. The latest installment of CBS' "Ponderosa" Web series reveals the bitter rivals' tense reunion upon Andrew's arrival.

When Andrew arrives in Ponderosa, he is not pleased with the inevitable meeting with Kass.

"I'm going to stay the hell away from Kass, because she is a despicable person," Andrew says on the ride to his new temporary home.

Andrew is not even impressed that Kass has some white wine waiting for him when he arrives, immediately telling her he does not want to see "Chaos Kass" on Ponderosa or talk about the game. Kass, though, tells the cameras she does not agree that Andrew ever met "Chaos Kass" in the game.

"He said he liked me until 'Chaos Kass' came out and that he did not want me to be that person, but I don't think I ever was that person to him."

The tension is palpable. But after sleeping on it for a night, they seem to have a change of heart.

"I don't want to make anything unpleasant. I want to have fun," says Kass.

"I am surprised how much I enjoyed her company today," Andrew tells the cameras.

Later, the two get excited about the prospect of two trial lawyers questioning the final three from the jury. Plus, Kass even admits to having had a crush on Andrew while in law school watching Season 7. Although, as Andrew said, the honeymoon was over once they became pitted against each other in "Second Chance."

Watch Andrew's episode of "Ponderosa" below:

The bad blood between these two goes back to episode 7, when Kass tried to probe Tasha for information on the Bayon alliance, maybe even hoping to draw her into the Ta Keo alliance. Tasha, though, did not trust Kass, dating back to their history in "Cagayan." Tasha told Kass a lie that the Bayon alliance was no more. Kass knew Tasha was not telling the truth, so she decided to use the lie to her advantage. In front of the whole tribe, she repeated Tasha's lie out loud, accusing her of having second thoughts about her alliance. Ciera caught on quick to what Kass was doing and promptly joined the scheme, spreading rumors that back at Ta Keo, Andrew had been plotting with Woo to knock out Joe and Jeremy after the merger.

Andrew was furious about this and blamed "Chaos Kass" for causing the stir. To make matters worse, Kass, knowing she was on the chopping block, threw Andrew under the bus at tribal council -- a decision she defends in "Ponderosa" as part of the game -- claiming he was dealing behind his alliance's back. Needless to say, Andrew was not impressed.

Thankfully, the two "Survivor" favorites seem to have figured out a way to work out their differences. Although, it should be fun to see their rivalry explored further in the finale reunion show!

"Survivor: Second Chance" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.