"If tonight's tribal council is any indication of how the rest of the season is going to go, it's going to be a wild ride." 

Those were "Survivor: Second Chance" host Jeff Probst's parting words to the show's remaining 12 castaways after they voted out Kass in episode 7. Kass' own wild ride on the CBS series came to an end after the tribe decided that she had slipped a bit too far into her "Chaos Kass" persona from "Cagayan" for their liking following a feud with Tasha. However, Kass' reaction to the drama-filled tribal council reveals that she does not see her game in the same light as her tribe, even if she fully intends to bring her "chaos" reputation with her to the jury for the rest of the season. 

CBS released the first episode of this season's "Ponderosa" web series Thursday, which highlights each week's freshly voted out castaway's experience on the much-more-comfortable resort island where they live while serving on the jury for the contestants who are still in the game. Kass, who became the first castaway voted out post-merge in episode 7, is the first member of the jury and, thus, the subject of the series' first installment. The episode captures Kass' immediate reaction to her sudden exit, including her plans for her time on the jury this season. 

"I want to see that someone used their 'Second Chance' and didn't squander it," says Kass, while not-so-subtly implying that Tasha made a mistake in letting their bad blood from "Cagayan" cloud her judgment this season. "If it comes to the final three and there is someone who is just playing the same game, they are not going to get my vote. I'm going to watch really carefully and I'm one of the great observers of the game, so I'm going to have a good time sitting there."

That good time will apparently involve some of Kass' trademark snark.

"I'll probably throw out my middle finger time and again and do the things I'm expected to do," says the California mother.

Kass infamously flipped the bird to Trish during a tribal council in "Cagayan." Watch the video below:

Kass elaborated on her attitude going into the jury in a "Day After" video released on the show's YouTube page.

"Now 'Chaos Kass' is on the jury. It's not 'Calm Kass.' It's 'F--- everybody's game up Kass.' It is called 'Operation Runaway Jury,'" says the attorney. 

She also maintains that she worked hard not to live up to her reckless persona, asserting that Tasha's drama is the only thing that got in her way. 

"I had someone who has a vengeance from my first season destroy my game," says Kass. "I feel like I had made great strides to get away from being 'Chaos Kass' around camp."

Watch Kass' "Day After" video below:

How will Kass shake things up from the jury? Fans will have to wait to find out. "Survivor: Second Chance" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.