A whopping 13-player merge caused chaos on "Survivor: Second Chance" in episode 7. For Kass, known as "Chaos Kass" from her "Cagayan" days, that meant she was right at home stirring up trouble to find a way that she and Ciera could crack the majority alliance. Unfortunately, Kass' penchant for starting drama did her more harm than good and she was sent packing at tribal council. However, fans may have noticed that Ciera, Kass' main ally, did not follow her alliance's plan. Ciera voted for Andrew instead of Tasha, the way she and Kass had planned with Kelley and Abi. Ciera took to Twitter after the episode to explain her rogue vote and why Kass ended up going home.

Tensions were high in episode 7 after Kass tried to probe Tasha for information on the Bayon alliance, hoping to perhaps even bring her into the Ta Keo alliance. Tasha, though, did not trust Kass, dating back to their history in "Cagayan." Tasha told Kass a lie that the Bayon alliance was no more. Kass knew Tasha was not telling the truth so she decided to use the lie to her advantage. In front of the whole tribe, she repeated Tasha's lie out loud, accusing her of having second thoughts about her alliance. Ciera caught on quick to what Kass was doing and promptly joined the scheme, spreading rumors that back at Ta Keo Andrew had been plotting with Woo to knock out Joe and Jeremy after the merge. 

The goal was to cause unrest in the Bayon majority, but it only served to make Kass and Ciera the tribe's top two targets for elimination. While Kass was public enemy number one, both Kass and Ciera knew the majority would split their votes between them -- five against Kass and four against Ciera -- to protect against a hidden immunity idol. That left the pair with an opportunity to sway one castaway from the majority to join their foursome with Kelley and Abi to blindside Tasha. While Spencer, Kass' swing vote of choice, ultimately voted for Kass anyway, the plan would never have worked perfectly because Ciera went and voted for Andrew! 

After the episode, Ciera confessed on Twitter that the reason for her lone vote against Andrew was that Kelley had secretly confided in her that she planned on voting with the majority as well in order to save face. Therefore, Ciera decided to get off Kass' sinking ship.

That begs the question, why not just vote for Kass along with the majority? Well, Ciera had an explanation for that too. 

So, it was a neutrality play. Time will tell if the move does Ciera any favors -- she did vote for Andrew who has vowed to knock her out of the game and this should not help that situation. However, Ciera did buy herself another week and, if this season has proved anything, it is that anything can happen in a week.

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