Vytas Baskauskas may have been the first person voted out of CBS's "Survivor: Second Chance," but it was only by two votes. Abi was on the edge of her seat during the first tribal council as she watched her "Survivor" life flash before her eyes. The Phillippines native was not too happy about the close call and let her tribe know about it in episode 2 as the drama continued in Cambodia. 

Here's how it all went down in episode 2:


When Ta Keo returned to camp, the "old school" tribe members -- Terry, Kelly and Woo -- were feeling uneasy with Jeff having flipped on them in the first tribal council. However, Jeff revealed that his true loyalties still lie with the old school. He approached Terry and said that while he had voted for Vytas, he now hoped to turn the tables on Spencer or Shirin, whom he said were playing too hard in a game that was moving "lightning quick." 

Alliances Shift

Meanwhile, at Bayon everyone was noticing how Joe seemed to be a natural at island life, building hammocks and catching fish to take care of the tribe. Stephen, who said they would have to get rid of him right after the merge, dubbed him Survivor MacGyver. 

Later, Andrew told Bayon the story of how he met his wife, which turned out to be a Nicholas Sparks-worthy epic about about an international beauty queen/law student who happened upon the apartment of a modest, up and coming lawyer. The tale had just about the whole tribe crying. Even Kass admitted that maybe she could learn from this group of people to be a better person. Even Jeremy had to walk away to collect himself, revealing to the audience (but not the tribe) that his wife was pregnant. Stephen immediately suspected Jeremy of searching for an idol and that lack of compassion did not impress Andrew, who immediately pegged him as the first to go from their tribe. 

Back at Ta Keo, Abi was not handling having received votes at tribal council well and she was taking out her frustration on the tribe, particularly Peih-Gee. It all hit a climax when Abi caught Peih-Gee and Shirin talking about her behind her back. This led to a fight and, eventually, Abi's whole alliance laughing at her in the shelter while she sat alone on the beach. Terry decided to give Abi some company, initially out of sympathy, but soon realizing the strategic opportunity as Abi suggested she could join the old school alliance. That was all Jeff needed to hear to approach Abi too and plot to take out Spencer and Shirin. Abi was all too game, believing Shirin should have stood up for her with Peih-Gee.


At the reward challenge the tribes had to climb over three A-frame walls with a long rope, then tie the rope to a heavy crate to it pull along a long track. Finally, they had to open the crate and solve a puzzle with the pieces inside. Up for grabs was both immunity and reward -- a tool kit, including a saw, a hammer and rope.

Survivor The tribes had to climb over a series of A-frame walls in the immunity challenge in episode 2 of "Survivor: Second Chance." Photo: CBS

The tribes stayed neck and neck over the A-frames, but Bayon had a sizeable lead by the time they got to the puzzle. However, despite a lot of chaos and screaming from their tribe's backseat puzzle solvers, Spencer and Shirin caught up brought the challenge to a neck and neck finish. They even called Jeff over, believing they had solved the puzzle. Unfortunately, they were wrong and Joe was ready with the correct solution seconds later to win immunity and reward for Bayon. Afterwards, Jeff commented that Spencer and Shirin had their fate in their own hands, vowing that one of them would be going home that night. 

Tribal Council

Facing tribal council, Ta Keo coalesced around the idea of voting out either Shirin or Spencer. Jeff even pulled Kelley and Peih-Gee into the mix to create a super majority. Shirin and Spencer would have both likely gone to tribal council and been blindsided, too, but Abi spoiled things by throwing the alliance breakdown in Shirin's face in spite. That left Shirin and Spencer to scramble to save themselves. Unfortunately, no one seemed too receptive to working with them now. The only option they were left with was both trying to convince the tribe to vote for the other one, a situation that made them both emotional. In the end, the tribe split the vote, in case of a hidden immunity idol, but it was Shirin Oskooi who became the second person voted out of "Second Chance."

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