Most seasons of “Survivor” introduce fans to 20 brand-new players, leaving viewers with little more than surface biographical information to go on when predicting who has a shot at taking home the million-dollar prize. However, the upcoming season of the long-running CBS reality series, “Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance,” is welcoming back 20 veteran castaways for another shot at glory. That means fans, and the players, already have an idea of who they are dealing with – Who is strong in challenges? Who can be trusted? Who are the strategic power players? So now the question is who will win?

Here are 4 castaways in “Survivor: Second Chance” with a good shot at earning the title of “Sole Survivor”:

4. Terry Deitz

Former Navy pilot Terry Deitz placed third back in Season 12 after winning five straight individual immunity challenges to navigate the post-merge chaos. Deitz' dominance in challenges -- he has more previous challenge wins than any other "Second Chance" castaway with 15 -- makes him an instant favorite in Season 31, but it also puts a target on his back. In seasons of "Survivor" featuring returning players, castaways with reputations as dominant challenge competitors or cunning strategists are often voted off early to eliminate them as a perceived threat. Deitz could fall victim to this syndrome. Plus, at 55 years old, a decade older than he was when Season 12 aired in 2005, he may suffer for his dominant reputation while not even being able to live up to that reputation anymore. However, if Deitz proved anything in "Panama," it was that it is a bad idea to count him out.  

Survivor Can Terry Deitz (pictured) win "Survivor: Second Chance?" Photo: CBS

3. Joe Anglim

Competing in back to back seasons, the jewelry maker made a name for himself with his success in immunity challenges in Season 30, despite running low on alliance support early on in the game thanks to a depleted Nagarote tribe. He also developed a reputation as extremely likeable, becoming arguably the most popular player of the season among fans. These things could, like Terry Deitz, paint a target on Anglim's back. However, Anglim's age -- at 26 he is one of the youngest players in the game -- means he is just as strong as he was in "Worlds Apart" and s the fact that he only made it to day 24 in Season 30, could keep him under the radar. If Anglim makes it few the first few tribal councils and establishes himself in a strong alliance, he could go far in "Second Chance."

2. Jeremy Collins

The firefighter played a strong strategic and physical game in "San Juan Del Sur" in Season 29, becoming the mastermind behind one of the main two alliances post-merge, despite his wife Val being eliminated in the first few weeks. However, when he called out Jon Misch for hiding a hidden immunity idol from the alliance, Jon and his girlfriend Jaclyn Schulz switched their allegiance to Josh Canfield's rival alliance and eventually sent Jeremy packing. If Collins, who also emotionally called out John Rocker for failing to make good on a promise to protect Jeremy's wife, can be less heated and more measured in his strategy, he could make a run at the final three this time around. 

Survvior Can Jeremy Collins (pictured) win "Survivor: Second Chance?"` Photo: CBS

1. Kelley Wentworth

If the previous play of the first three castaways on this list could potentially paint a target on their backs, Kelley might conversely benefit from being a little under the radar. The marketing manager from Seattle is a student of the game and, at 30 years old, has the physical fitness to compete in challenges. Kelley could have made a splash in Season 29 had a feud between her father, Dale, and Missy Payne, not led to her enduring an early exit. Coming into Season 31 with a little anonymity, Kelley could keep up the tradition of smaller personality players winning veteran castaway seasons. 

Survivor Can Kelley Wentworth (pictured) win "Survivor: Second Chance"? Photo: CBS

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