In episode 5 of "Survivor: Second Chance," Monica found out the hard way just how high the price can be for trying to shake things up. After trying to turn the tables on her alliance, she ended up heading home instead. In episode 6, an emergency exit and tribe swap certainly shake things up, and that is only the first 10 minutes! 

Here's how it all goes down: 

Bad News For Terry

The episode begins a little unusually. Jeff pulls up to Ta Keo in the middle of the night to wake up Terry. He has some bad news. Terry's son is in the hospital -- Terry posted in a Facebook post this year that his son needed a heart transplant -- and both his doctor and Terry's wife think it is serious enough to pull him from the game. To Terry, there is no question. He quickly grabs his bag and says goodbye to the tribe. He hops on a boat and -- just like that -- Terry is the sixth person out of the game. The tribe is heartbroken, especially Kass, who feels for Terry, being a mother herself. 


At the reward challenge, the other two tribes get the news about Terry, and before getting to the challenge, the gathering becomes a bit of a support group to air their feelings about his departure, especially for the parents in the game. 

Then Jeff has another announcement -- "Drop your buffs!" The three tribes are combined into two again, returning to the original Ta Kao and Bayon. Angkor is no more. The new tribes are divided up as follows:

  • Ta Keo: Ciera, Kass, Kelly, Spencer, Abi, Andrew and Woo
  • Bayon: Jeremy, Kimmi, Stephen, Joe, Keith, Kelley and Tasha 

Then comes the challenge. The two new-look tribes each have to send one person at a time for a series of showdowns requiring the castaways to go down a slide, grab a ring and then toss it onto one of three pegs sticking off of a pole. The first tribe to land three earns a survivor picnic delivered to their camp, including fried chicken and brownies. Andrew and Jeremy start things off with Jeremy scoring for Bayon only a half second before Andrew. That sets the tone for a neck-and-neck challenge, but it comes down to the two Kellys -- Kelly Wigglesworth and Kelley Wentworth -- and the former wins the challenge for Ta Keo. 

New Tribes, New Alliances

Ta Keo enjoys its reward picnic, and Spencer and Kass have to work hard to keep their past tension -- they did not get along in "Cagayan" -- in check. Meanwhile, Andrew thinks he has fallen into the perfect position with the tribe swap and even plans to use the Spencer/Kass tension to his advantage. In the meantime, he tells the tribe Spencer will be the first to go, but tells his alliance to tell Spencer that Ciera is the one on the chopping block. Ciera, however, does not appreciate that strategy.  

Over at Bayon, the original core of Jeremy, Stephen, Kimmi, Joe and Tasha appears to have an easy majority, while Kelley seems to be the obvious choice in a tribal council situation. However, Joe does not want to lose Kelley. She is part of the other alliance of five he made with Keith, Kass and Ciera. He tosses out the idea of voting for Kimmi. That does not sit well with Stephen, who no longer thinks he can trust Joe to be loyal to the original Bayon alliance. He thinks this is an opportunity to blindside Joe and knock out one of the game's power players. However, when he pitches the idea to Jeremy, neither Jeremy nor the rest of Stephen's alliance think it is a good idea to make a move that big so soon. In his camera confessional, Stephen breaks down into tears fearing he is losing the chance to make the key move in his "Second Chance." 


The reward challenge is straight out of "Fear Factor." It is a series of duels between pairs from each tribe who have to race to eat a variety of unsettling delicacies, including fried tarantulas and pig snouts. The first pair to finish scores for their tribe. It gets ugly, with Kass throwing up into her hand on the pig snouts, and Kimmi flat-out refusing to eat pig brains. In the end, the challenge comes down to a one-on-one showdown between Tasha and Kass over a duck embryo, and Tasha wins easily to secure immunity for Bayon. Ta Keo is headed to tribal council.


Tribal Council

At Ta Keo, Ciera is kicking up a fuss about being the decoy name in the plan to get out Spencer. She suggests to Kass that they not even vote out Spencer and instead blindside Woo. Despite her ill feelings toward Spencer, Kass thinks it is an interesting idea, recruiting Abi and Spencer into the Woo plot. That makes Kass the swing vote in her first tribal council of the season, with her having to decide between playing it cool -- sticking with voting out Spencer -- or returning to her Cagayan "Chaos Kass" persona and blindsiding Woo. In the end, she decides to shake things up, and Woo becomes the seventh person out of "Survivor: Second Chance."

Survivor Woo Hwang (pictured) became the seventh person voted out of "Survivor: Second Chance" after tribal council in episode 6. Photo: CBS

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