Episode 4 of "Survivor: Second Chance" was one of the most impassioned tribal councils in recent memory as Jeff and Woo very publicly made their cases for who should be kept in the game. It was Jeff who ended up being sent packing after a tense vote, but as a merge drew nearer, nobody was truly safe. Who would go home in episode 5?


After tribal council, Angkor heaps praise on Woo for how passionately he fought for his "Survivor" life in the last episode. Meanwhile, Andrew and Tasha privately pat themselves on the back for infiltrating and breaking down the Ta Keo majority that had threatened to take control of the tribe when they split into three two weeks ago. 

Over at Bayon, Kimmi and Monica go at it while gathering clams in the ocean. Monica does not want to overfish the water and leave no food for the tribe later in the game. Kimmi believes that is naive and that their small tribe could never deplete the whole body of water of clams. 

Reward Challenge

At the episode's reward challenge, the tribes have to roll one castaway each in barrel, with the person in the barrel periodically getting out to untie bags of balls. Then the tribes have to pick one person to roll the balls -- bowling style -- into each of six holes arranged in a bowling pin formation. A comfort package of chairs, pillows, a tarp and refreshments is on the line for first place, while second place will receive just a tarp. 

Angkor and Ta Keo get off to an early lead over Bayon, who struggles with Monica in their tribe's barrel. Bayon catches up by the time they get to the bowling portion, but then fall behind again when Jeremy struggles with the balls. Keith helps Ta Keo win first place and the comfort package, while Woo lands Angkor in second. Not even Spencer's taking over for Jeremy can keep Bayon from losing the challenge and going back to camp emptyhanded. 

Camp Life

Ta Keo enjoys their reward back at camp, but while Terry is feeling on top of the world and goes for a swim, the rest of the tribe plots behind his back. Joe, Keith, Kelley, Kass and Ciera agree to an alliance of five to take into the merge. Keith is delighted to  be part of a group this time around. 

At Angkor, Abi is up to her old tricks -- again. After Woo tells an emotional story about his mother's heart transplant -- he seems pretty genuine and is even crying in his camera confessional -- Abi immediately assumes he told the story merely to win sympathy from the tribe. She complains to Tasha, who is growing tired of her antics. Tasha does not believe Abi could be managed after a merge and is starting to believe she might need to go home next. 


At the immunity challenge, the tribes climb a tower one person at a time to launch sandbags from a slingshot at five targets. The last tribe to hit all five targets will head to tribal council.

As the challenge begins, Joe hits a target for Ta Keo in his first shot, of course. However, the other tribes quickly hit two targets and overtake them. Then Stephen hits a target, but for Angkor, not his tribe. It is a frantic challenge! However, it is Woo who delivers the fifth target for Angkor to give them a much-needed first immunity win. It comes down to Ta Keo and Bayon, and Keith hits the last target for Ta Keo, sending Bayon to tribal council. 

Survivor Woo Hwang (pictured) wins immunity for Angkor in episode 5 of "Survivor: Second Chance." Photo: CBS

Tribal Council

The four original Bayon members seem to have an easy decision on their hands -- vote out Spencer or Kelly. Spencer's new friendship with Jeremy -- they fished together earlier in the episode -- and the fact that Spencer has no real allies seems to be saving him. The core members decide to vote for Kelly. However, Monica stirs the pot by pulling Kimmi aside and raising the idea of voting out Spencer instead to preserve the possibility of a future girls alliance. This does not sit well with Kimmi, who reports back to Jeremy and Stephen that maybe Monica cannot be trusted. They seem to agree. They believe they can blindside Monica among the three of them and pull in Spencer instead to maintain their majority. 

At tribal council, Jeremy, Stephen and Kimmi talk as if they are still deciding between Spencer or Kelly, but when the votes are cast it is Monica who becomes the fifth person voted out of "Second Chance."